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K2MIT @ Bethany Beach, DE

Hello, K2MIT, Jeffrey Steinberg of Scarsdale, NY here.  This is my home on the web, courtesy of the smart folks at WordPress.  More will come.

Below is my Ham shack.  Well since I am Jewish, its an Amateur Radio Station.  No ham here.

From Bottom to Top:

Icom IC-9100 HF/VHF/UHF radio–the latest radio in the shack.

Icom IC-7800–the best radio I have ever owned (Thank’s Ruth).

Green Heron Rotator controller–an amazing piece of geer, Bearcat BCD996T scanner and a Kenwood TM V-71 2M/400 on top of the bearcat.

An LP-100A watt meter, a Yaesu speaker for the Bearcat and a DX engineering antenna switch.

(on top of rack, out of photo) Jetstream JT220m for 220 MHz and two MFJ speakers, and a funky clock.

Out of the picture, some other equipment:  IC-PW1 1K amp, IC-7200 for camping HF, Elecraft K3/P3 for portable ops.

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