First Student Teaching Review

I got my first student teaching review from my Clinical Supervisor and it went great.  I did a 1st grade lesson on double compare.  The children had to add two numbers on playing cards to get a sum and then determine if their sum is larger than their partner’s sum.  To help the students, there were little pictograms underneath the Arabic numerals on the cards.

My assessment was to have them play 3 “rounds” of double compare on a sheet of paper. It went very well.

My next assessment is this Tuesday and it is in ELA.  The last assessment in 1st grade is the week after and it is a geography lesson which I can’t wait for.  Unfortunately, I am really going to miss these 1st graders.  They are innocent, lack bias, don’t care if your black or white, Jewish or Christian.  They are these little wonderful sponges who just want to learn more each day.

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