First week (well 4 days) of Student Teaching

I am in my final semester of my Masters of Science in Teaching degree from Pace University in Pleastville, N.Y.  I have passed all of my state licensing tests, been fingerprinted (that is an experience and a half for a non-criminal like me) and have taken 3 semesters of classes, 3 classes a semester;  its been a tough load.

Now it is time for student teaching.  I was very apprehensive as September 6th approached.  I am student teaching at the George Washington Elementary School in White Plains and the students, teachers and staff could not be nicer.  I had a wonderful first week and the apprehension went right out the window as my mentor teacher helped me through the riggers of 1st grade.  She has seen a lot and been through a lot and still maintains a great disposition and vivre to educate.

I forgot how small 1st graders are.  I really love this age.  The students have no bias (black, white, tan are just colors of crayons not labels we apply to people).  They are full of questions, don’t smell and generally don’t talk back.

My first visit from my clinical supervisor is this coming friday where she formally evaluates me as a give a prepared lesson plan.  I thought it would be a though affair but I think it will go ok.

I am within 3 months of graduating into a market flooded with terminated teachers with far more experience than I.  I am still optimistic.

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