TR6 in the Winter, Pleasantville, NY

Well, I finally decided to get the old TR6 out.  I drove it from Scarsdale to Pleasantville (Graduate School) and back.  About 28 miles.  The new hardtop looks great and works well in the winter.

As for handling, it really ties the car together nicely.  I highly recommend a hardtop to any TR6 owner.  Putting it on is not like the modern “press here.”  Its a real ordeal with screwdrivers and bolts but well worth it.

For those that care, it is a 1976 Triumph TR6 (last year made) with just about 48,000 original miles (with DMV records to prove it).  For those that can discern these things, its painted Signal Red which is incorrect for 76. I believe its a 74 color.  It still looks great.  I have the Preivous Owner to thank for that little mess up on originality.

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