SkookumLogger for Mac

Real contest logging comes to the Mac!

Finally real Mac contesting software has come to the OS/X courtesy of Bill Myers, K1GQ.

Well if you were like me trying to use the wonderful MacLoggerDX (MLDX) from Dogpark Software for contesting, it was a bit frustrating.  MacLoggerDX is a great all-purpose logger and I use it whenever I am not contesting.  It has a contesting mode, but it really isn’t ideal since it doesn’t know the definitions of most contests (such as the exchange, etc.).  I asked Don Argo about making a real contesting version of it but he prefers things the way they are (and it’s his software so that’s fine by me).  If you are interested in Don’s great (and inexpensive) MDLX software, click here.

I downloaded SL and found out it supported my K3.  I had a P3 and at first a few back fourth’s with Bill, we got it working.  I am now working with him and Dave, Klimas, WD7K who handles some of the rig interface programming to get my 7800 working.

It is now my go-to Mac contesting software.  I can’t wait for the next contest.

You can get SL here.

After it was first working, one of my first questions was, “What is a Skookum?”  Its a word (Indian) for sasquash-like animal in the Pacific Northwest.  To get more information (not a whole log more), click here.

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