My first Special Education Teaching job

Well I am recovering from my first week as a Special Education teacher. I am working in a private school in the Bronx.  I remember student teaching was tiring but the real deal is even more tiring.

Here is my thesis-as I have worked many jobs including steel work, factory work and packing–about why teaching is so tiring.  The reasons are the following:

a) You are always moving from 8:00 to 5:00 (in my case) with only 1/2 hour for lunch.  No time to surf the web, water cooler chat, or stop and rest.

b) Intellectually, your brain is always on.  If you are not teaching/talking, you are answering on-the-fly questions from students.  It is never ending, which is a good thing, but it just tires you out.

After I get home, I sleep for 2 hours just to recoup.  And then I can’t wait for the next day.  I hope to always be this hopeful…


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