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The fun of subbing

Well, I graduated with my Masters of Science in Technology into a market that has no full-time teaching positions in Westchester Counter.  So, I am subbing in a larger urban/suburban city in Westchester that has a very diverse population (read: mixed income). Its been great.  The administrators, teachers and children have all been great. The

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Second clinical observation and other comments

My second clinical observation (on ELA, English Language Arts) went very well.  I read  a book to the entire class, “Fletcher and the falling leaves” and then had the students draw a picture of their favorite part and write 1-3 sentences. While that was happening, I called 4 students over to the teacher’s desk for

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First Student Teaching Review

I got my first student teaching review from my Clinical Supervisor and it went great.  I did a 1st grade lesson on double compare.  The children had to add two numbers on playing cards to get a sum and then determine if their sum is larger than their partner’s sum.  To help the students, there

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First week (well 4 days) of Student Teaching

I am in my final semester of my Masters of Science in Teaching degree from Pace University in Pleastville, N.Y.  I have passed all of my state licensing tests, been fingerprinted (that is an experience and a half for a non-criminal like me) and have taken 3 semesters of classes, 3 classes a semester;  its

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