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My first Special Education Teaching job

Well I am recovering from my first week as a Special Education teacher. I am working in a private school in the Bronx.  I remember student teaching was tiring but the real deal is even more tiring. Here is my thesis-as I have worked many jobs including steel work, factory work and packing–about why teaching

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Executive Order

Now I am not the biggest fan of President Obama and everyone is jumping up and down about his use of Executive Orders to bypass congress, but was not one of the biggest and best Executive Orders–the Emancipation Proclamation–an an Executive Order–and from a Republican at that?  I know it was during war time, but it

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Israel, May 2014

I went back to Israel in for 6 short days at the end of May.  Spent time in Jersualem, Hebron, Ziporia, Netanya and Tel Aviv.  This is my favorite picture from the trip. The photo is a menorah on top of the largest Yeshiva in Sderot.  The menorah is made out of Kassam Rockets in

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